Monthly Blogger Outreach Campaigns 

Our Monthly Custom Outreach is our flagship service. Each month, we engage several campaign strategies to create valuable links.

Attention to detail is crucial in this service, and to help you understand its intricacies, I've put together a brief video walkthrough. You can watch it here: Video Walkthrough.

Getting Started

First, you can choose one of our packages or a discovery call. This call is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and allows us to craft a tailored proposal for you.

Our initial proposal and onboarding process focus on several essential aspects:

  • Identifying your target keywords and assessing your website's current performance.
  • Determining the potential impact of link building and how it can be effectively implemented.
  • Establishing the expected time and budget required to achieve meaningful results.
Depending on your specific niche and the chosen package, bypassing the setup month is possible, so we recommend discussing your needs before purchasing.


Our monthly strategy involves two primary methods of link building:

  • Identifying and fostering relationships with high-ranking blogs within your niche.
  • Connecting with active link builders in your field to create strategic partnerships.
The outcome is a diverse and transparent stream of inbound links. You'll have access to a reporting dashboard that tracks link opportunities as they are created, published, or canceled. This dashboard includes all relevant metrics for each website, and you can intervene in any ongoing opportunity that doesn't align with your preferences.

Each link is assigned a monetary value based on its Domain Rating (DR) and traffic. As links are published, their value is deducted from your monthly retainer. We aim to utilize the entire monthly retainer through link building, and any unused budget simply rolls over to the next month.

Every Friday, you'll receive a live summary of our progress. We are always open to emails and calls for any queries or updates you may need.

👉 Watch the Video

Additional Considerations:

The average cost per link in the above packages comes to $214.

However, depending on additional requirements of the types of links you need, or if you are in an industry where it's really easy to get links, additional fees or discounts may apply.

Criteria Modifier Type Level/Tier Adjustment Average Price
Standard None N/A Base Rate $214
Slightly Easy Ease Discount Tier 1 -10% $192.60
Moderately Easy Ease Discount Tier 2 -15% $181.90
Very Easy Ease Discount Tier 3 -20% $171.20
Extremely Easy Ease Discount Tier 4 -30% $149.80
Slightly Complex Complexity Surcharge Level 1 +20% $256.80
Moderately Complex Complexity Surcharge Level 2 +40% $299.60
Very Complex Complexity Surcharge Level 3 +60% $342.40
Extremely Complex Complexity Surcharge Level 4 +80% $385.20

Base Price: The average starting price for our link building service is $214 per link, applicable to all standard campaigns.

Ease Discount: Link building difficulty varies depending on elements like your niche, website, or specific page. Campaigns that align with easier link building categories are eligible for discounts ranging from 10% to 30%. These discounts are cumulative, meaning the more ease factors your project incorporates, the higher the discount. For instance, a project with one ease factor might receive a 10% discount. However, if your project encompasses several ease factors — such as being in an easy niche, targeting linkable pages, and having a well-established brand — your discount could increase to as much as 30%, maximizing your cost savings.

Complexity Surcharge: The complexity surcharge is applied to projects with demanding link building requirements. This includes operating in difficult niches, requiring high minimums on metrics, targeting primarily commercial pages, or needing extensive oversight on approvals and anchor text. These factors reduce the availability of suitable link opportunities, elevate rejection rates, and prolong negotiation processes. Accordingly, the surcharge varies from 20% to 80%, based on the level of complexity involved. The more complexities your project has, the higher the surcharge, to compensate for the increased effort and time required.

Note: This surcharge does not affect the monthly price of your package. It simply influences the volume of links that can be built each month, as the cost per link will vary depending on these modifiers. Is this is all very confusing, just book a call with us below and we can discuss.

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